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High quality compressed air is essential to pneumatic and automation systems and correct air preparation minimises component failure, increases the operating life of equipment and reduces energy consumption.

Water vapour occurs naturally in air and is present in the hot air discharged from air compressors.
The hot air will then release condensate as it meets the colder surfaces of down steam equipment.
Allthough the condensate can be removed via drains, liquid will remain in the air stream.
The liquid condensate will break down lubricating oils, increasing friction between moving surfaces and corrode exposed metal components.
For compressed air installations where water contamination is a real problem, Walker Filtrations range of silicone free water separators can deal simply and effectively with the problem.

Typically, water seperators are installed downstream of coolers and air receivers, refridgent dryers and at strategic points in pipe work installations. The design utalises an internal spinner which removes large quantities of condensate by centrifugal action. Water seperators are available for operating pressures up to 16 barg.

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